”A good old fashioned sense of responsibility”
WSRM Architects

“32 RED have been extremely happy with the level of service provided by Bentley Property Services over the last 5 years.”
32 RED

”We are very pleased with the service, quick response and personal attention in each situation and we trust Bentley Property Services with its care”
Mr N. Hinton

“Eurotowers: quite simply superb quality property, built just before the turn of the century and managed by Bentley Property Services to last well into the next millennium”
Mr G. Fromow

Estate Management

“I would recommend Bentley Property Services because of their level of service, honesty and concern for our estate”
Ms L. Alvarez

“We are very pleased to operate from within Eurotowers, the management company is very much on top of things and their service is 1st class”
Broadband /Sapphire Networks

“Most of our clientele derive from the Financial Sector businesses, it is important therefore that Eurotowers maintains the levels and standards of service presently enjoyed under Bentley Property Services”
Time Out Café

“Bentley Property Services has provided management services for the past 4 years and we are extremely satisfied with the results that they have achieved for the Estate”
Koz Café

“The friendly staff, offering help and assistance and showing professionalism, makes for good and efficient service for which we would recommend them at any chance we get. Thank you guys.”
Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited (888.com)

“Bentley Property Services are helpful, friendly, communicate on a regular basis and most importantly get things done in good time!”
Eurobet (Gibraltar) Limited

“As a business tenant of Bentley Property Services I would like to add that I receive an absolute first class service”
Lek Bangkok

“Excellent service and a quick response”
The Paint Shop